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AOT Orderly return to work, greet spring with confidence

The fight against the new crown virus epidemic is entering a full-scale fight. Most companies have begun preparations for resumption of work and production, and are self-saving and responding to the impact of the epidemic.

Xiamen AOT Electronic Technology will take the prevention and control of employees' health and safety as the top priority, adopt a combination of on-site and online office, formulate related plans, and take seven effective measures to minimize risks:

First, set up a special organization to coordinate the prevention and control of the epidemic.

The second is to investigate employees one by one, focusing on understanding the situation of Hubei employees.

The third is to urgently purchase emergency supplies such as masks, temperature guns, alcohol, and disinfection water.

The fourth is to implement unified guidelines for the start of epidemic prevention and killing within the group.

Fifth, adhere to the full implementation of daily epidemic prevention work.

Sixth, the online office mode was opened to encourage telephone conferences and WeChat group exchanges.

Seventh, do a good job of customer communication to minimize the impact of the epidemic on the company's business.

On the basis of conscientiously preventing epidemic prevention and control and ensuring the health and safety of re-employed employees, we will strive to ensure that research and development, production, and operation during the epidemic are carried out in an orderly manner and that production and operations are operating normally.





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